Into the New Year…

It’s been a busy winter so far, and after a period where no-one seemed to want a boiler fitting, I suddenly found myself installing at least 1 a week in the six or so weeks leading up to Christmas, and with other calls coming in, my diary was consistently booked up some two weeks ahead, and I found myself working weekends. As a family man, working Saturday and Sunday is something I’m loathe to do – it is all about the work/life balance after all, and I’m one of those guys who actually likes to hang out with his wife and kids.

Still, being busy is a nice problem to have; my main regret is not having been able to contact my regular customers to arrange dates to service their boilers and fires during November and December. I’ll catch up with those phone calls on Monday. Promise.

I’ve still got people wanting boilers fitting, so the question I’m often asked, is which one should I have? My reply is that if you ask 50 Gas Fitters the same question, you’ll get 50 answers. Each installer will have their own preferences. As for myself, my weapon of choice is the Ideal Logic+, which comes with a comprehensive 7 year parts and labour warranty. However, I also had the opportunity this winter to fit their flagship boiler, the Ideal Vogue which comes with a 10 year full warranty. The main proviso for both boilers is that they are serviced annually, which is something I can and do, do. The boiler also needs to be registered for warranty purposes which is something I do automatically as part of the service I provide.

The boilers are more than the sum of their parts. What I also like is their amazing customer service over at Ideal. On the occasions when I have needed them to come out under warranty, they’ve been able to do that within 2 days. On Christmas Eve 2014 they were able to go the extra mile for a customer of mine whose boiler was playing up, and they sent an engineer the same day. Absolutely fantastic, and that is why Ideal are my boiler manufacturer of choice.

However, I have also been using the Ferroli Modena a few times of late. The Modena also comes with a 7 year warranty, and with a build quality that belies its budget price tag.

Ferroli spent several years in the wilderness with a couple of truly awful boilers (in my opinion) and customer service that left a bit to be desired, but with the new Modena, using the name of one of its more successful previous incarnations which was also a great boiler, they have, I believe, got back into the game with a really strong play, a boiler they can be proud of, one that I am pleased to fit with confidence, that fits inside a kitchen wall cupboard unit, and rapidly improving customer service.

However, customers do have their own preferences, and when they do, usually specify either Worcester Bosch, or Vaillant. These two manufacturers are acknowledged as the market leaders and are also priced at the more expensive end of the market, but if a customer insists on either of these boilers, I’m happy to go with it. The customer is king, after all.


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